Soy yo

My friends and family always laugh and make fun of me because I have a tendency to be “messy” they say. Throughout this week, I have come to the conclusion that maybe all along everyone has been right, that I do indeed lead a messy lifestyle. It’s just who I am.

Somehow, I have managed to lose my phone, drop my earring down the sink, buy a graph paper notebook (because apparently that’s what they use here?), get sick, book a flight for the wrong day, and miss the bus to school- all in the first week of classes! Can you believe it? I’m sure you can.

Lessons learned: I cannot have nice things, I need a babysitter at all times, this is just who I am.

In the midst of the all the madness that I created for myself, I accomplished a lot of exciting things and familiarized myself with the city that I am calling home.

  • rode the metro by myself (mom, dad, and grandparents- it’s safe! I promise)
  • made it to class on time and understood more than I was expecting too
  • went topless at my university’s pool — I’m just trying to do as the locals do!
  • grocery shopped and cleaned my clothes using a European laundry machine that is both a washer and dryer in one…
  • found my phone and got a Spanish phone number 🙂 hmu
  • went to el Rastro: a famous, local market in Madrid
  • visited the Royal Palace
  • dined at a rave and had an amazing meal that consisted of potatoes, bell peppers, jamón, and eggs – classic Spain

Even though so many things went wrong in this short amount of time, I still managed to have a blast and make the most of every day. Something I want to continue working on throughout this semester is not harping on the bad, but rather turning the bad into something good!

New life mantra: no bad days

4 thoughts on “Soy yo

  1. carlitachicita, we love the mantra but mostly we love the way you are embracing each and every experience. we can hear your giggles and see your smiles throughout each entry. thanks for sharing your joy!
    more adventures ahead…more entries please!
    aunt carolyn and uncle jay


  2. glad i can be your babysitter most of the time 🙂 missing it this semester but know you’re killing it saying yes to shit


  3. carls….your blog has put the biggest smile on my face….i am loving keeping up with all of your wonderful adventures…continue having a great time and keep smiling beautiful girl!! xo, susan


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